Guang Ping Yang TaijiTai Ji

Taiji classes are available:
Sunday 6-8am (advanced students only), 2-4pm
Tuesday 5-6:30pm
Wednesday 7-9pm
Thursday 6:30am - 8:30am (advanced students only)

Tuition: $90/month

The Guang Ping Style Tai Chi, as compared with the Beijing Style, is a system for long life and for martial applications. The sixty-four movements are performed with bent knees and straight back. The legs are open resembling a buttress. The steps are soft and the movements are akin to reeling silks (neither too taut, nor too slack). The postures and movements all accord with the principles of yin and yang, the six internal (heart to mind, mind to chi, and chi to jing) and external (hand to feet, elbow to knee, and shoulder to hip) harmonies. Martial applications in Tai Chi are secondary to good health and longevity. A beginner should practice with the body relaxed and the breathing should be natural. Advanced students apply mind/body principles and breathing techniques to the movements. More on taiji here.

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