Talk given by Master Liu on Teachers' Day 2018

The reason we exercise and practice Tai Chi, Shaolin, or Qigong, is to maintain health, increase energy, and achieve long life.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of exercise we need to regulate the “water” (or fluid) and “fire” (or warm) in the body, and let the water and fire balance one another.

In the Five Element Theory, the heart’s nature is fire, and the nature of fire is to burn upwards. The role of the human heart (mind) is to think and gives rise to troubling thoughts. When it is out of control, then it will burn and consume excess energy, resulting in the body becoming old quickly, and to prematurely decay and die.

In the Five Element Theory, the kidney’s nature is water, and the nature of the water is to flow downwards. When the fire burns upward and the water flows downwards, thus the water and fire become separated. When the water and fire cannot achieve balance with one another, the body’s energy becomes depleted quickly.

To keep the body safe and healthy, it is necessary to adjust the relationship between water and fire: let the fire go down and let the water rise. In other words, let the water stay on top of the fire like in heating a pot of water. Through long time of practice and using the mind to guide the practice, one can achieve the desired results.

For example, when boiling water, the steam will eventually rise. The rising steam is an energy, it is the “Qi” that we need, the so-called human energy, also known as the immortal “life energy”.

How do you let the heart fire go down? Practice to be quiet, think less, and reduce the troubling mind. Through the concentration of practicing sitting or standing meditation, you can achieve less thinking and less troubling thoughts. 

During practice and other times, think often of the lower abdomen (lower Dantian). After a while, you will feel a warm feeling in the lower abdomen.

How to make the water rise? Practice to stay quiet and have the tip of the tongue lightly touching the upper palate of the mouth and the lips lightly closed. After a while there will be sweet-tasting saliva in the mouth, then slowly swallowed the saliva in three sections, and use your mind to send it to Dantian. After a while, your lower Dantian should feel warm and moist. This is the “Qi” that nourishes the body, this is also the body’s energy.

Because the lower Dantian is the area where the embryo is connected to the mother before birth, it is where the Twelve Meridians meet. The Twelve Meridians pass through the internal organs in the body.

When “Qi” gathers in the lower Dantian, it will nourish your body. When “Qi” concentrates in the lower Dantian, the body become healthy, happy, and lives longer.

Laozi, the ancestor of Taoism, said: "If a person’s heart remains calm, then the energy of the heaven and the earth can come in."

The text of Guanzi said: "The way to health, you can obtain it yourself."

Try to overcome grief, sadness, joy, and anger. Be peaceful and quite, then you can achieve it. If you are upset, then you will lose it.

This heart’s "energy" exists in the heart; it gathers when the heart is quite, but it disappears when the heart is impatient.

Chinese Version

師母鼓勵的話 - 2018年教師節

我們運動練功,不管是太極,少林,氣功,都是保持身體健康, 精力旺盛,長生不老。







譬如燒開水,時候到了就會有蒸氣上升。上升的氣就是一種能量。那就是我們所需要的氣,即所謂人身的精力,也就是長生不老的”生命能” 。

要如何心火下行? 要安靜,少思慮,少煩惱,專心練功和靜坐或站椿,就可訓練少思慮,少妄想,少煩惱。

練功中和平時常意想小腹(下丹田) 。久之自然會有一股溫熱的感覺在小腹內。

要如何讓水上升? 要安靜,舌尖輕舐上齶,口輕閉。久之口中會有清甜的口水湧出。然後分三次慢慢下嚥,意送下丹田。久之下丹田就有溫熱濕潤的感覺。這就是溫養的氣,就是人體的能量。



道家始祖老子曰: ”人能常清淨,天地悉皆歸”。

菅子曰: “養生之道,可以自己得到”。設法克服憂,悲,喜,怒。平靜和平,就可得之。心緒煩亂就會失去。 

此心”靈氣”存在於心中。靜則來臨,躁則消失 。


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